Recreational Lakes and Ponds

Lakes and ponds are complex ecosystems that require monitoring and care to stay healthy. If they are not properly maintained, problems and issues may arise, which results in poor conditions of your lakes and ponds.

Common problems for recreational lakes and ponds


Enhanced Phycoremediation and Bioremediation in Lake Management Programme

During pre-treatment monitoring, we could notice the physical appearance of the lake was not favourable to look at due to too many dead weeds, cellulosic microalgae and brownish discolouration of water. After about 15 to 30 Days of enhancing phycoremediation and bioremediation, the physical appearance of the overall water bodies can be identified.

Restoring Balanced Ecosystem

Reduce Annual Operational Cost by 50%

Practice AquaBio Solution
Removal Frequency
  • Major weed removal (1-2 weeks) for initial stage
  • Major weed removal (1-2 weeks) for initial stage
Manpower 3-4 workers for the first 30 days; reduced to 1-2 workers on the next month
Annual Average Cost RM25,000.00 + RM39,000.00 = RM67,000.000
Feedback Positive since no foul odour throughout the treatment and maintenance period
Practice Normal Practice
Removal Frequency
  • Major weed removal (1–2 weeks) for every 2-month
  • Continous minor weed removal (3-4 times/week) as excess nutrient remain in the system (eutrophication)
Manpower Remain 3 – 4 workers and major every 2 months with GCB
Annual Average Cost RM25,000.00 X 6 = RM150,000.00
Feedback Continous complain due to unfavourable sight and bad odour after 2 weeks major

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